Why some of the Top Brands build their websites on Magento

E-commerce is a rapidly developing industry across time. In the present era of technology, it had completely changed the market scenario on the global scale by influencing the shopping routine of a large section of the population and turn out to be an essential part of their lives. Perhaps, that is why it had captured a vast winning portion of the world’s retail industry in the past few years.

The convenience of trouble-free online shopping, along with enormous buying options at highly competitive prices offered by thousands of sellers, has made it extremely easy to shop the desired product and services just at a single click from a large number of websites available in the market.

To fulfill these increasing demands, all such online shopping web stores need to be exclusively quick and responsive. For continuous expansion in the long run and to secure a sustainable position among your competitors, you have to revolutionize yourself with the constant market update. Your website has to be incredibly swift and easily approachable to meet these quickly mounting consumer orders.

In this regard, various renowned brands such as Nike, Samsung, and JCB are using Magento CMS (Content management system) for developing their websites to give the customer improved shopping experience and offer the vendors much freedom to present great deals.

let’s have a look at the Top Brands whose Websites are built on Magento:-

  1. Coca Cola
  2. Ford
  3. Omega
  4. Land Rover
  5. Olympus
  6. Wrangler
  7. HP
  8. Jaguar
  9. Nike
  10. Nestle

Why some of the Top Brands build their websites on Magento?

What is Magento ecommerce…?

A PHP based open source e-commerce platform, Magento comes with a massive number of powerful extensions, marketing tools, and best catalog management to build a most secure e-commerce store.

Why only Magento..?

Magento ecommerce service is preferred over other podiums owing to its extreme flexibility and high-security range. Since it is one of the most Reliable Ecommerce Platforms in terms of lithe features, tough security, and a healthy support system, we can develop scalable websites for all sizes of businesses providing Start-ups, SMSE along with big industries and MNCs.

Let us explore the reasons why Magento is ruling at the number one position and some of the top brands across the globe like HP, Jaguar, and Lee prefer to build their websites on it..?

1. Well-ordered backend for easier admin

Magento is an excellent open-source platform that is specially designed for the management of ecommerce business models. An entrepreneur can opt for Magento ecommerce solutions regardless of the type of business or industry he belongs to. This platform facilitates all those growing companies, who deal globally with multiple sectors, to register massive success through its well-organized backend and simplified dashboard.

Due to its efficiently managed backend system, it is always easy to update the shopping cart under Magento CMS. Apart from a pleasant default template, it makes available several add-on modules with significantly updated qualifications.

2. Plethora of customization available

Although several online stores operate on a single backend, CMS still comes with the aptitude to board numerous market sections at diverse price segments. Magento brings with it an ever-growing list of latest and improved extensions that can be used as per the requirement to provide a delightful shopping experience to the customer.

A large number of tailored features such as customer segmentation merchandising, full-page caching, scalable backend systems, and page builder for drag & drop content management are accessible at this open-source Magento platform.

3. SEO compatibility

Magento is highly optimized for the progression of the SEO courses. Its exclusive characteristics like automatic Google sitemaps, enabling comprehensive searches, controlling URLs along with rewrites, generating search-friendly links, supervising duplicate content, and mechanically sorting trendy search results are extremely dynamic to produce SEO friendly pages.

Employing powerful SEO features that are centralized on counting structured data score, Magento CMS works to develop an extremely productive search engine optimization process. Magento enhancements are known for increasing search engine visibility by building unique store pages based on high search results to make you stand out from the crowd.

4. Mobile friendly

Mobile easiness is the essential eminence of the Magento platform. Google’s preferred techniques, together with great responsive designs, are employed for maximum optimization.

Websites can be developed and operated promptly, even on smartphones, by using ‘reference themes’ under Magento. These Responsive design reference themes can be changed according to the traits and sort product requirements. With customizable iOS and Android illustration apps, Magento Mobile SDK is accountable for speeding up the development and deliver superior quality access experience on mobiles as well. Emails and newsletters are also allowed to configure consistent with the user’s demand. This responsiveness and friendliness enable the holders to read email notifications on their smartphones.

Magento PWA Studio for mobile commerce, on the whole, is considered exceptionally profitable as a reliable and swift front-end expansion sequence.

5. Utmost scalability

The updated version of Magento is persistent for maximizing the scalability to handle colossal numbers of catalogs in a more proficient manner and result in superior performance despite the consequences of visitor enhancements on the website at the same time. Magento diminishes the data which is returned from the server to render web pages.

Being a progressive web apps studio that caters to mobile-optimized themes for building a consistent web store, Magento is recognized for delivering high security, scalability, and performance. It is well committed to fluently support multiple admin users in the backend and remarkably process a large number of orders simultaneously on the same hardware system.

6. Simple, swift and versatile

Besides, multi-currency and multiple language support, it facilitates cross-browser support and speedy checkout alternatives for safe and evenly upgraded browsing options with more secure payments.

Magento Content management system significantly reduces the loading times for checkout pages and makes the server response quite instant that eventually achieves rich customer experience and better conversion rates in return.

These are those grounds why Magento is beating all the other platforms behind in the race of speed and security. Review the benefits of Magento CMS, the most preferred e-commerce platform, and get inspired to implement the right choice for a promising start of your online business.

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