Magento 2 Speed Optimization

Magento 2 Speed Optimization Techniques:

You have worked enough on every aspect of your Brand website but missed Speed optimization ?
It`ll cause you directly or indirectly. Your most marketing efforts will go with 100% bounce rate.
especially in eCommerce, Customer loves the faster website.

Here we will share simple steps for your website Speed Optimization.

Magento 2 automatically does this and you can enable from back-end if not enabled.

Combine CSS files

Combine JS( javascript ) files

Combine images using sprites

Use of intersection observers

What you would have missed from your list:

Image Optimization

In any website or store, Everyone tries to use high-quality images for better visibility, awareness and UX.
Why one will avoid Images, Videos ? Images represents the products, features, brand. Images are now popular since its important part of content driven marketing. What is visible with proper specification will generate users!
But these high-quality images consumes high bandwidth and creates higher Dom sizes.
performing an experiment on your website with any page-speed tool, it`ll mostly guide you to reduce the images Sizes and Dom size to load your website fast.
Follow the guidance shared by the tools and optimize the Images as requested. Use webP for images.
there are several extensions available in free and buy basis. you can get these installed within your Megento store and update images as per requirement to convert all images to webp or viceverca.

TTFB ( time to load the first byte )

Magento 2 based websites must include the CDN. As the CDN will server all the static content. Including images/CSS/js and videos as well.
Ensure its not painful. It is connected with http request. Due to slow server responses your website will always perform slow to the users. better you utilize CDN services with your Proximity to deliver content fast.

Remove unwanted or unused Code.

Go through your website`s container, filters and menus. remove unnecessary items which are not visible on the website.
Ready-made theme comes with lots of extensions and functionality which are not being used  in the website. developers do mistakes and keeps code preserved there for future use. but code remains inside that loads on every request, ask your developer to perform a check on this.
Data Binding and on demand ajax load will help.

Remove or Manage locally Third Party CSS,JS

Try to get them organized within your stack. For example font family coming through third party, try to call these within files. It`ll avoid page load time increase since these will be delivered within your stack.  Remove unwanted Js code for measuring results which are no longer in the us.

Perform Database Optimization

Need to go through database optimization to understand the slow queries causing pageload and endless reqeust which takes time to load the website and correct those.

Redis & Varnish

After installing Redis & Varnish, please check your Magento store properly connected with both.

For Redis, the connection string needs to be added to a config file so that Magento can store objects in Redis.In case of  Varnish, you need to put Varnish in front of your webserver, which will require a webserver reconfiguration. You’ll also have to configure Magento and make Magento aware of Varnish to ensure Magento cache invalidation also cause specific invalidation in the Varnish cache.

Use Production Mode

The Production mode is the fastest because static view files are generated in advance and served from the cache.

You can always request to us to do optimization of your Website. Contact us We are available to help you on this.