Why choose WordPress for your website?

Basically, it is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL, which means anyone, can use or modify the WordPress software for free. A CMS is a tool that makes it easy to manage important aspects of your website like content and images without having knowledge of programming. WordPress is the simplest and most popular website management system used to create your website and blog. Features of WordPress include the plugin architecture and template system. Architecture of WordPress is a front controller, routing all requests for non-static URLs to a single PHP file which parses the URL and identifies the target page. WordPress is the most flexible CMS because it offers thousands of plugins, themes and widgets which give you freedom to build any type of website.

You just need to install the WordPress software on your web server. After installation, you have to login your site using any web browser. Then use a simple editor to create web pages. You can easily do this even if you are a non-techie person. To make a website appealing you need various factors to be kept in mind. Content is the one of them, your CMS plays a key role. Content should be organized logically, attractively displayed and easy to reach. When you are choosing a CMS, you have lots of options making your selection a tough task. But not all CMS’s are equal in terms of function, innovation and money.

Why choose WordPress for your website?

If you are wondering why choose WordPress as a platform for your website, this article will provide reasons to make your decision easy and quick –

  • Open source CMS:-
    WordPress is an open source CMS. It means that building code in WordPress is free and can be accessed by all users. Whenever required you can easily download and alter the WordPress code. But, not all the changes done will be accepted by the WordPress team. When you are operating on a small budget business then free is good for you because WordPress CMS costs nothing to download. Currently, there are over 31000 WordPress plugins and over 2600 WordPress themes online. If you don’t want to buy a theme you can use free one to change the look of your site.
  • Easy to use:-
    Yes, WordPress is easy to use for all developers as well as non techie person. You can get your website live and running in short period of time because it requires five-minute installation and support guides to walk you through the process. Experience the ease and simplicity of a WordPress website right from inception that is from development to integration and further. WordPress development will always be a breeze whether it is your first website or fourth. For new owners going from zero to a running website is more than enough.
  • Customizable:-
    Humans are fond of looking neat and visually pleasant content no matter what product you are selling or information you are sharing. The first thing that holds the attention of a visitor on a website is visual appeal. Using WordPress you can easily customize your design requirements in vertical with your business objectives. From free to premium themes you can find numerous layouts and themes that will go along with your website. You can also edit the theme and preview your changes before doing it on live. You can easily build forms, send newsletters, streamline SEO and more through plugins.
  • SEO Friendly:-
    Every site owner dreams to be on top results of search engines. Thankfully, you can rely on easy SEO functionality and optimization in a WordPress site. With this you can easily improve optimization of your domain. Using WordPress as platform you can make your site attractive for search engines. It gives unique Meta tag keywords for each page and posts, hence allowing more accuracy for search optimization. It also offers a span of plugins that makes SEO easy for even newcomer developer. Rank high without any additional efforts required by choosing WordPress.
  • Mobile friendly:-
    Today large numbers of people are exploring internet through smartphones, therefore, more than 50 percent Google searches are on mobile. So getting a mobile friendly website is must for your customers. WordPress websites are fully compatible and optimized to work with all devices whether it is desktop, tablet or a mobile. This means you don’t have to spend on additional mobile website development. Choose WordPress as a platform and don’t worry about screen sizes ruining your website’s appearance and visibility.
  • Customer support:-
    It is always better to take advantage of the large online community for any support or technical assistance when you want to build a website. With extensive forums and bug fixing documents it is always easy to find an answer whenever you are struck in WordPress development. Save time and efforts by choosing a WordPress as a platform for your website and focus on your core capabilities instead.
  • Safe Secure:-
    Security plays a key role in today’s world. You need to protect your content of a website from spam attacks. Before investing in a theme or a plugin make sure it is secure by reading the considerations and reviews. You are free to choose whether you want your plugins to update automatically or whether you’ll handle those updates yourself. WordPress also offers automatic updates to prevent security vulnerabilities. It is also helpful to keep the backup of your site occasionally. Choose WordPress as a platform and sit relaxed as it gives endless options to protect content.


The bottom line is that if you want a site that looks professional, easy to set-up and scalable, go with WordPress, giving you the best. If you’re not code-savvy and want to get on with running your business then WordPress is the right choice. It will be a quick win for cultivating better consumer experience having features of responsiveness, customization and security. Hence, WordPress is the right mixture of customizability, simplicity and extensions.

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