Advantages of Magento eCommerce Development

If you are planning to setup online ecommerce business then you need to strategize a lot of things. First and foremost to make your business successful you need a strong foundation. Primary challenge that a business owner faces is choosing the right platform for development of ecommerce store. Today with the advanced technology there are numerous platforms available for website development. Choosing the right ecommerce development platform for an online store can be crucial task.

If you are looking for the best ecommerce solution then Magento can be your appropriate choice. Magento can accomplish great wonders in the big world of online shopping. In our previous blog ‘What is Magento/ Magento Services’ we had discussed what exactly magento is. Here we will discuss the advantages of using magento for ecommerce business running online.

Advantages of using Magento ecommerce platform-

  • Better user experience-
    Turning shoppers into paying customers can be incredibly challenging. Using magento ecommerce platform can make it easy. As it provides various functionalities enabling users to engage and providing easy-to-use experience. Magento is being talked about it is excelling in job of delivering user experience and customer satisfaction.
  • Open source platform–
    Being an open source platform magento contains various features that are free. It also helps developers with numerous extensions and functionalities. With every addition it is going to be better, as a result ecommerce website will also shape up.
  • Web design customization –
    Magento is very popular due to its customized features. There are tons of CSS customization options ready to use for web design in magento. The Magento team supports and gives great info on the latest web trends and tips on responsive web design.
  • Multi-store management –
    Before development of magento, it was inconvenient to handle various stores from single admin panel. But due to magento one can manage multiple stores from single administrative panel. Each store can be handled in single admin panel with its product catalogue.
  • Fully featured –
    Magento is well known for its unique features. It helps developers with the characteristics facilitating layered navigation, product comparisons, multi store feature, advanced search, wish lists, favorites, email list, grouped products and content management system for static pages as well as SEO performance.
  • Easy third party integration –
    Magento gives an online store bigger space for custom integrations by allowing 3rd party integrations. The 3rd party integrations include major web applications like Google analytics and payment gateways. Now connect your ecommerce experience with Ebay, Paypal, Mail Chimp, Google Shopping, and more. .
  • SEO & mobile friendly –
    Magento ecommerce site can be optimized by feature of Magento SEO. By this feature owner can manage page traffic, duplicate content, indexing of site pages. Also, Magento is mobile friendly. It is designed responsive so that it can be easily viewed in smartphones, tablets etc. Mobile visitor is likely to judge a certain website by experience of landing on a website. The mobile apps of magento allow store integration across multiple devices to work efficiently on all type of devices.
  • Secure order management –
    Magento is well known for its top order management because it includes features of custom reporting. It makes user friendly for customer by following step to step process for purchasing desired product. Business owner has full access to view periodic transaction history, what has gone out of stock, change product description, add images and add or remove products.
  • Quick loading time –
    Magento is known for its top of the line service of loading web pages quickly. Quick page load time is very essential for any ecommerce store. The faster website loads, the faster information can be received by the customer and this will ultimately lead in boosting your annual sales. According to stats a user is likely spend more time on a website which has minimum page loading speed.
  • Multiple Currency and Language Support –
    Many well known open source ecommerce platforms are not likely to support various foreign currencies. Unlike other platforms magento supports all currencies around the world. This makes it effective for US and international stores to use magento. Magento is also supports a variety of languages.


Hence magento is a well built platform in all the aspects either it is security, stability or customization. Many e-commerce web development companies have adopted this open source platform due to its unlimited features. Due to its sublime possibilities magento has made shopping world a global and bigger. Magento is an ecommerce CMS that is up-to-date with latest design trends, security features and SEO ranking factors.

Ecomsolver being a pioneer in developing web apps, has also developed many magento e-commerce websites that are running successfully, and have a team of dedicated professionals who are experts in this platform. If you are planning to develop or redesign your e-commerce store using magento, then please contact us now.