7 Essential Things that Customers Expect in Ecommerce Site

Every business depends on its customer. Building an e-commerce store is not so easy if you don’t know how to manage your customers. Like retail stores a human is required to tailor the demands of a customer but what about an online eCommerce store? So you have to fulfill their high expectations in order to gain their trust. If you manage to cope up with them, your customers will see you as reliable and a professional player in the business. It is very well said, “Satisfied customers are the best source of advertisement.” Even if your eCommerce site is successfully established, but unable to get the kind of conversion rate as expected from the site. The reason can be considered as lack of attention on customer’s point of view. Customer visits your site to buy a product required. He expects certain things from your site before going on a checkout page. So let’s have a look at what customers expect in an eCommerce site –

  • Fast Page Load Speed
  • Intuitive Navigation
  • Social Media Connectivity
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Contact Information and Support
  • Trust Mark and Authentic Reviews
  • Easy Checkout and Payment Options

1.Fast Page Load Speed

Every second counts, when it comes to loading time. According to study, loading time is the major factor of page abandonment, because nobody likes to wait. Slow loading time is equal to slow customer service, and it puts potential customers off. Page loading time is the first contact customers have with your eCommerce store. It is the point for visitors to decide whether they want to continue their journey with you. If eCommerce site has slow speed then you are sending visitors to another e-commerce store or they will simply close the tab rather than wasting time for the page to load.

2.Intuitive Navigation

Customer’s potential is put off when they are not able to easily navigate through vast product selection. Obviously, many startups cannot afford to have a product selection like Amazon. Enormous selection is not necessarily required for a site. But navigating them effortlessly for what they want is a must. Too many choices often conflict customer into “decision paralysis”. Hence creating a navigational system that limits available choices prevents it by allowing customers to easily find what they are looking for, naturally increasing conversions on your eCommerce site.

3.Social Media Connectivity

Having social media pages can help you with free promotion. If you want to accomplish this then your pages should have interesting and strong content so that people want to follow you. Published ads may cost but this no-cost investment can give you guaranteed results. Social media links on product pages also help people to share products they like with friends or family. When some product is shared by a friend or relative it is more likely seen and purchased, as it is based on the recommendation. According to studies, 71% of consumers change their perception of the brand after seeing a brand response to a review.

4.Mobile Responsive Design

Gradually, People are shifting from desktops to smart devices for accessing online content. Some recent stats shows steady increase in conversion rates across all mobile devices. They are more likely to purchase from a site if it is easily accessible through their phone. It makes easy for a visitor to add products to cart via phone. To cater this potential customer base your eCommerce site should be responsive to all platforms regardless of its size and screen. So that customers can shop it from their comfort zone.

5.Contact Information and Support

For eCommerce store owner it is important to build and maintain a good relationship with customers. By building and gaining trust visitors can be transformed into loyal customers. A customer should feel like you are only a call, text, email, and live chat away. To build confidence in your customer you should have a passion for helping them. Make sure that there is always someone who can attend to help customers when they encounter a problem. So your site should display contact information so that customers can solve their queries easily. If your site hides contact information and other means of communication, customers see this as a red flag and not likely to do business with you.

6.Trust Mark and Authentic Reviews

Nowadays E-Commerce world is suffering from online frauds. Customers look for things that could offer them the assurance that the website is trustworthy, secure and real. In this scenario, trust comes into play. You should have online accreditation certificates from various online authorities. Before Purchasing a product customer is more likely to read reviews of a product. Therefore, your eCommerce site must have real and authentic customer testimonials. To make your testimonials more affecting, create a video that allows sharing their experience with you.

7.Easy Checkout & Payment options

Having easier checkout process means more motivation your customers will have to repeat purchase. Therefore don’t make too many pages for checkout. Make a single page checkout process is not too overwhelming for consumers. Some eCommerce sites don’t allow users to pay with Paypal or with other kinds of payment alongside from Visa or Master card. To cater a wide range of shoppers make sure that your site provides a lot of payment solutions. If customers have their favorable payment option, they are more likely to purchase from your site. Hence you can increase their motivation to shop thereby boosting your sales in the long run


And that’s it! In a long run these user perspectives will hopefully assist your eCommerce site to cater the needs of potential buyers. Make your eCommerce store the perfect go-to page for customers and make their shopping experience better. With all the time, effort and finances put in to generate your web presence, these minor tips may actually help make or break your business. If have any other suggestion then leave it in the comment section below. If planning to develop an eCommerce store from scratch or redesign then contact Ecomsolver for best yet captivating eCommerce site to grow your business online. Just drop us a line for a free quote.