10 Innovative Tricks to Boost Success with Shopify

e- Commerce is the new commerce arena. e- Commerce is the outcome of powerful online tools and fast internet connectivity. According to recent statistics, worldwide e-commerce sales are expected to grow to $4 trillion by 2020. Organizations can expand their market to national and international level markets with minimum capital investment using e- Commerce. It gives the great opportunity to e-commerce businesses, but at the same time, online sales possess some unique challenges that traditional businesses don’t. In today’s era of competitive online business, you need to really commit to building a strong online presence by a great website. You need to be responsive to the requirements of your business and your customers. To make your business successful you need dedication to customer experience, your operational efficiencies, your market strategies and the team of people you build. Choose wisely the e- Commerce platform to power your business and ready it for long-term growth and scalability. In the last few years, e- Commerce space has developed by such bounds that countless tools have been provided to online retailers for a smooth running process. As the user experience plays a key role in any online business. Shopify is the most popular among e- Commerce platforms. Since the foundation of Shopify in 2004, the increasingly sophisticated software has been designed keeping online retailers in mind. The users of Shopify in e-commerce businesses are increasing because it is a tremendous tool to strengthen their products’ reach.

Here are 10 innovative tricks to boost your success using Shopify –

  • Pre launch preparation:-
    A beautiful site design, the right products and stunning product photography are not all you needed to make increase your sales. It is one of the greatest e-commerce myths. If you’re launching your store to a tribe who are interested in what you are doing in the first place then you need to prove the exceptions. However, the majority of stores are not launching to the right people. Before you launch your eCommerce store or take it to the next level, then you need to take action to prepare a strong impression.
  • Secure your audience before you launch:-
    Every store owner wishes a maximum number of people to expose his/her brand’s site on a launch day. As much as you have been anxiously awaiting your site’s launch similarly your potential audience also has been waiting. Well, don’t assume it. The basic idea is: secure the audience and then launch your store. You might have seen companies have been using “coming soon” pages that ask for an email address. But it’s not the full story, that’s part of it. Be assure to know where to find them and how to get them talking about your business.
  • Jump start your outreach:-
    Above we have mentioned about “coming soon” pages used by companies. Use “coming pages” on site and ask for visitor’s email address. You can also start collecting email addresses and building your media list before your site’s launch. Marketing plays a vital role in the long-term success of any site. You may also consider a referral marketing program to build buzz or more traditional forms of advertising. In short, you need to install “coming soon” banner on your site.
  • The Value of Optimization:-
    You want your site to be as immaculate as possible before you launch. Optimization has been widely adopted as an online marketing strategy because of its effectiveness. Site optimization focuses on creating informative and keyword relevant title tags and Meta descriptions which are shown in result pages. The click-through rate is increased by optimized tags and descriptions, hence it increases qualified web traffic. By performing optimization in your site, visitors will have a better understanding of what your business is about and why they should buy from you.
  • Support multi-platform usability:-
    With the surge in mobile users, the eCommerce site owners are also rushing towards mobile site. It is essential that your site be optimized for all screen size ranging from mobile and tablets. The goal behind is visitor should have optimal experience no matter how and on which platform they access your site. You site layout and features should streamlined to all screen sizes and platforms. Smartphones and tablets are the future devices. User is more likely to stay on a site which is supported in all platforms. Faster webpages will attract more traffic to your site.
  • Assure powerful security:-
    Security is key factor that gains the trust of a visitor. It is important to ensure the security of customer data. If visitor can’t trust that their payment information is safe on your site, then they will simply move to your competitor’s site. Ultimately you are losing your business. So use secure payment gateways that are in compliance with PCI DSS standards. They are reliable and keep customer’s data safe and protected. Also display your site’s SSL certificate as well as the logo for any third-party security companies. These help in preventing dangerous results of data leaking.
  • Create mindful navigation:-
    Performance and security are important aspects of your site’s optimization. But you also require an easy navigation through your inventory for easy user experience. If user does not find a way to products or services then he will not waste time in switching to your competitor’s site. A clear menu system is must for easy guidance to your product or service page. Don’t forget to mention any product that you offer in navigation. For better user experience Include detailed product descriptions and original photos. So it can help users get a better sense of what you have to offer.
  • Analytics/Performance testing:-
    Having a store online is not enough. You need to have clear structure to measure performance of your site. Here performance includes website traffic, sales activities and performance. If you are looking for good analytics tool for tracking site performance then Google analytics should be the best tool. It will show site’s performance at all stages. If you are eCommerce developer then your site report will show site’ transaction, revenue and many other eCommerce related metrics. Analytics is designed to ensure a compatible experience for users throughout all aspects of your business. It is essential that your site’ analytics deliver the figures that you need on every facets of your site’s performance.
  • Content marketing:-
    Marketing and advertising ways are liable to engage your customers with your brand. Content marketing is the powerful way to promote your business and keep it running strong for long time after it has been launched. Content marketing strategy includes blogging, infographics and interviews. Blog is the most popular way to keep engage your visitors. Articles related to your business signify your knowledge and addition of outbound links continues your brand promotion and traffic. Infographic is renowned to share visual information. It is shared o social media to drive traffic on your site.
  • Product reviews:-
    Reviews are incredibly essential for the success of your eCommerce business today. Having useful real-world accounts with reviews on your site is an invaluable selling tool that will keep your customer’s trust on your site. To increase product review count entice your customers to put a review on your site whenever they purchase product from you. When they put product review send them follow-up email with a discount code. Or else develop a community culture across your site that by making review they are helping other customers. You should also have solid support system to assist customers who provide a negative product review.

Using Shopify as platform for your eCommerce site make it one of the most respected and extensive resource out there. Shopify is one of the popular way to super charge your eCommerce site, scale-up potential profits and expand your reach. So start implementing the above tips and tricks across your site, you will see growth in your traffic and sales. If you are planning to hire shopify developer for your online store then you landed at the right place. Ecomsolver is the renowned for its top-notch Shopify solution that reflects your objectives in defined timeline. Contact us and discuss your Shopify project.