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RUIFIER is a luxury fine jewellery brand founded by designer Rachel Shaw. Each piece is formed with detail, masterful craftsmanship, and precious conflict-free stones and diamonds. Drawing on two main sources of inspiration, the brand covers all bases; their Visage offering, which encapsulates a fun side to fine jewellery, and the RUIFER London line, which illustrates their technical prowess through the visually stunning, architectural styles seen throughout. The jewelleryis designed to turn the wearer into a storyteller of their own. Many of the pieces can be adapted, interlocked or worn in different ways, making each design unique. The brand is made up of 18 collections each designed with individual inspiration and luxury design features.


RUIFIER already had their E-commerce website and they came to us with their unique requirement that they want to build a custom page where customer can come and create their own custom Charm Bracelet using selective Bracelet and Charms.

  • Create a Highly usable, Custom Page with bracelet & Charm selection functionality.
  • Introduce limited and custom ecommerce website options for specific products.
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by Shopify Ecommerce for cart functionality

Technologies Used

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Ruifier came to us with an establish Shopify Store. They wanted us to create a custom page where customer can create their custom Bracelet. We listened to the client and suggested process that would meet his needs in the best possible way. Then we worked diligently with Ruifier to create a feature-rich and strong Custom Product Page Experience for their customers, so they could easily create their custom bracelet by selecting Bracelet & Charms as per their choice.


We designed a user-centric experience, which was visually appealing, and meet with Client’s requirements. As it was a customized Page, our development team started it from scratch and we made sure it is responsive. Client wants his customer to choose Bracelet & charms as per their choice. He wanted to give 2 Customization like one Customer can select Bracelet’s color and also can select Charms as per his choice and we display that bracelet design, after that customer can do it add to cart.

List Of Key Features

  • Building a Custom Page Building a Custom Page
  • Size Options Selection Size Options Selection
  • Leather Colors Selection Leather Colors Selection
  • Metal Colors Selection Metal Colors Selection
  • Display Selected color Bracelet in Screen Display Selected color Bracelet in Screen
  • Set Selected Charms in Bracelet Set Selected Charms in Bracelet
  • An easy to Use Checkout for Creation An easy to Use Checkout for Creation
  • Display Creation & Its Price Display Creation & Its Price

Style & Design Concept

Ruifier had a strong brand and vision for their custom ecommerce Website. We wanted to design them a fully responsive custom Product page that represented their Custom Products to the audience with user centric & Feature rich Experience that in turn would help Ruifier Better. During this process, we have designed PSDs for Custom Product page and for inner Product page where user can select Bracelet & Charms. Then we have created HTML for this.

Bringing In Together

We have integrated new customproduct page, lets their audience easily navigate all through a beautifully designed and intelligent website that allows them to explore all new components of the website from the shop & Blog Page. The complete Custom page we have developed using HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Developing a custom Product Page, where user can create & buy custom bracelet. After all that research, design and web development, we produced them a Custom page displaying a band / Bracelet. Below that band, we have given colors and Size options and given some charms. Whenever any customer wants to buy any Customize Bracelet then user can select bracelet Size, color & Charms and this color & charms will display on the band, which we have shown above.

Bringing In
Team Worked Timeline

Project Manager

20 Days


4 Days

Shopify Expert

11 Days


2 Days

SEO Experts

1 Days


2 Days

Final Result

MileStone & Deliverables

  • UI /UX / CX
  • Development & Impelemntation
  • eCommerce integration & Coversion Optimization
  • Managed Support (On Site & Off Site)


  • Custom product page.
  • Animation on Product page to display the look of bracelet with selected band and charms.
  • Add to cart functionality with calculated price on the basis of Charms & Band.

MileStone & Deliverables

We delivered the system successfully to the customer and provided a satisfactory level of maintenance & support.

Client’s Feedback

My project was handle as per request; however some of the variable will be done later on. I would recommend them for going again for development.