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About Lovinah

Lovinah Supernatural Skincare is a true celebration of sacred beauty and healing herbal tradition of Africa. Our Supernatural Skincare is inspired by ancient African beauty secrets and centuries old traditional African botanical remedies used to treat skin problems with a twist of modern technology. Lovinah offers a range of plant-powered next level luxury high-performance and multi-functional products that are designed to look after and address hormonal challenges, premature aging and visibly improve complexion


As in current time every business wants to make their online presence so they wanted us to design and develop the website from scratch that would not only represent their business to the best but would also incite the visitor to make a purchase.

  • Create a Highly usable, searchable and browsable product catalogue with easy social sharing options.
  • Introduce limited and custom ecommerce website options for specific products.
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by CMS and Magento Ecommerce for cart functionality.

Technologies Used

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Lovinah came to us as an establish beauty Products vendor with a loyal customer base. They were looking to grow their eCommerce presence and make their products more accessible and enhance the shopping experience of the users through easy navigation. We listened to the client and suggested him the technology that would meet his needs in the best possible way. The we worked diligently with Lovinah to create a feature-rich and strong eCommerce experience for their customers, so they could easy browse, reserve, or purchase any of Lovinah products online.


We designed a user-centric experience which was visually appealing and meet the latest online shopping trends. As it was a customized website, out development team started it from scratch and we made sure it is responsive. Client wants his customer to buy his products and services online. He wanted all his products information based on category, brand and also stock management (in Stock / Out of Stock) on the website.

List Of Key Features

  • Building A MarketPlace Building A MarketPlace
  • Custom Admin Panel Custom Admin Panel
  • Beautiful Design Beautiful Design
  • An easy to Use Checkout An easy to Use Checkout
  • Add to Wish List Add to Wish List
  • Show alert for low stock Show alert for low stock
  • Customer Filtering Login Customer Filtering Login
  • Payments Payments
  • Easy Product Navigation Easy Product Navigation
  • Manage Customers Manage Customers
  • Compare Products Compare Products

Style & Design Concept

Lovinah had a strong brand and vision for their custom ecommerce Website. We wanted to design them a fully responsive website that represented all their products to the audience with user centric & Feature rich Experience that in turn would help Lovinah Better. During this process, they provided is PSD designs, we have created responsive HTML for them.

Bringing In Together

Lovinah new fully-integrated ecommerce website lets their audience easily navigate all through a beautifully designed and intelligent website that allows them to explore all new components of the website from the shop & Blog Page. Developing a E-commerce store has helped them position themselves as an upcoming competitor on the Home and Garden Market. After all that research, design and web development we produced them a custom eCommerce website that they full control over and can grow with.

Bringing In
Team Worked Timeline

Project Manager

2 Months


10 Days

Magento Expert

20 Days


5 Days

SEO Experts

10 Days


7 Days

Final Result

MileStone & Deliverables

  • UI /UX / CX
  • Development & Impelemntation eCommerce integration & Coversion
  • Optimization
  • Managed Support (On Site & Off Site)


  • More than 50K users are using this system.
  • More than 1000 products available
  • More than 500 Registries created

MileStone & Deliverables

We delivered the system successfully to the customer and provided a satisfactory level of maintenance & support.

Client’s Feedback

Ravindra is one of the best developers,I have worked with. I have a very complicated customized Magento site and he exerted all efforts to optimize the site speed. Will definitely use again for future tasks.