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About Studio Jewels

Jewels are a figment of our imagination and inspire us to envisage. The jewelers with a difference with a hand for the best strokes, we do not only create jewelry but also a joy of fulfilment. Our jewelry is a reminder of that first flash, those chilly nights, few moments of ecstasy spent with your loved ones and those refreshing instants. Incepted on 21st June, studio jewel classics was a born stellar in Jaipur. With the close involvement of the founder, Herr Sharma, sjc in no time became a well-known entity within the fashion industry. We have been experimenting with designs over the years to formulate excellent creations. We can proudly declare that we are the jewelry researchers, who love to attire the artist’s hat. Working passionately with small artisans nearby, each piece of jewelry manifests into a statement, an expression that celebrates the spirit of womanhood.


As in current time every business wants to make their online presence so they wanted us to design and develop the website from scratch that would not only represent their business to the best but would also incite the visitor to make a purchase.

  • A Convenient User Friendly Multi-lingual Online Shop.
  • Create a highly usable, searchable and brow sable product collection with easy social sharing options.
  • Introduce limited and custom ecommerce website options for specific products.
  • Implement a mobile friendly solution backed by CMS and Magento Ecommerce for cart functionality.

Technologies Used

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The client’s team came to us, asking to assist them in developing handy and attractive web-solution. We needed both to create a website reflecting the brand’s spirit and to build a user-friendly online store with graceful jewelry. We listened to the client and suggested him the technology that would meet his needs in the best possible way. Then we worked diligently with Studio Jewels to create a feature-rich and strong eCommerce experience for their customers, so they could easy browse, reserve, or purchase any of Studio Jewels products online.


• We designed a user-centric Home Page : • In top Header section, My Account, My Wish List, Cart, Currency Converter, Search, Social Media Button and Welcome Message Text. • Mega Menu drop-down with having categories & Sub- Categories. • New Arrival & Featured Collection, Popular Jewelry products blocks • Newsletter Signup & Socail Sharing Links • Footer : Quick Links

List Of Key Features

  • Building a MarketPlace Building a MarketPlace
  • Custom Admin Panel Custom Admin Panel
  • Beautiful Design Beautiful Design
  • An easy to Use Checkout An easy to Use Checkout
  • Add to Wish List Add to Wish List
  • Show alert for low stock Show alert for low stock
  • Payments Payments
  • Filter Products by Categories Filter Products by Categories
  • Breadcrumb Navigation Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Manage Customers Manage Customers
  • Pagination & Page indexing Pagination & Page indexing

Style & Design Concept

• The main page of the website will guide visitors to the primary features of the online store, representing the subtle identify of the brans. • In Shop Collection, we have provided a wide selection of available Shop Collections from ring to neckless, helping to make a more deliberate Choice. • Enhanced Filter System suggested choosing type, metal & Price. • On Product Detail Page, we have given extended information on a chosen Jewelry, including Price, Size, Stone details etc. • We have provided and easy and attractive cart & Checkout for our customers, which increase our sale.

Bringing In Together

Working with Studio Jewells, allowed us to bring all the needs under one roof and helping them to focus on generating more value from personalization. Realizing that traditional jewelry web shop UX would not work so we created vivid strategy to build fresh UI interface for which have resulted the excellent business revenue growth in very short time. The newly revamped UI/UX with full responsive architecture is to the mark and very intuitive to use across any platform and device. Magento improved the overall platform with continuous upgrades & support by using latest version upgrades and security patches. Magento has created a versatile website for the client with a clean UX/UI and a detailed catalog structure including well-designed & drafted content.

Bringing In
Team Worked Timeline

Project Manager

2 Months


10 Days

Magento Expert

20 Days


5 Days

SEO Experts

10 Days


7 Days

Final Result

MileStone & Deliverables

  • UI /UX / CX
  • Development & Impelemntation
  • eCommerce integration & Coversion Optimization
  • Managed Support (On Site & Off Site)


  • Fast Order Processing
  • Multi – Currency Mobile Friendly Store
  • Showcasing wide range of Jewelr Design & Gems
  • Enhance the Over all Shoping Experience

MileStone & Deliverables

We delivered the system successfully to the customer and provided a satisfactory level of maintenance & support.

Client’s Feedback

Excellent team, remarkable support, incredible experience & absolute passion are the words that defines this crew well.