Magento Upgradation Services

We will update your store from Magento 1.9.x to Magento 2.x and we will also help you to choose desirable option for your store before we start our Magento upgrade service.

Why upgrade your magento?

Magento was officially started in early 2007 and released its first beta version on August 31, 2007. Subsequently they kept upgrading and releasing new version, updates, tools. The latest version of Magento is Magento 2.0 which was released in 2015.

Before Magento 2.0, the last released version in 1.x series were Magento Community and Magento Enterprise

Still many stores are using old versions of Magento like Magento 1.7 and 1.8.

There are several reasons to upgrade magento version frequently :

  • New features are released within new version

  • The older version lacks in security purpose. So there are chances of hacking confidential information which may result into financial loss.

  • The older version may cause extension updates.

  • Magento 2.0 contains more user friendly themes in front end and UI in backend.

How to upgrade Magento version

The step by step process of upgrading Magento form older version to recent version are mentioned below:

  • Download and setup the latest version into your server.

  • Concatenate Community, Local, Media, Theme, Custom folders from Skin, custom XML files from modules, any custom admin theme folder and custom. js files and folders from old Magento to new Magento.

  • Organize database details in local XML files.

  • Rebuild the theme for Magento 2.0.

  • Transport the products, customers and order data from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.0 with our tested and trustworthy data migration tool.

  • Get Magento 2.0 extension from a vendor or renovate it if necessary.

magento upgrade

The above procedure is not simple as it looks, in reality it needs to be handled by professionals. So our expertise are there to help to you in up-gradation of new version of Magento.