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Magento Speed Optimization

Today Magento is popularly used eCommerce platform that is used by the people for their online business. As Magento performance makes sure that you increase your sales by its user friendly approach and giving satisfying user experience.
Page load time is considered as a silent sales killer. As page load time will increase, site will be slow and thus it will result into slow sales. Well you don’t have to worry about this, as our expertise resolves this issue by conducting magento optimization complex analysis.
magento speed optimization

We use several tools to analyse your website speed and learn how to make them faster.

Have a look at some top website speed tester tools:

This process includes various steps:

  • Making sure the Magento version is latest. As update contains bug fixing and improvement performance.
  • One of the easiest way to decrease load time is to implement content delivery network (CDN) with Magento.
  • By utilize caching, as many forms of caching can be integrated in Magento.
  • Magento makes use of EAV(Entity Attribute Value) for storing data of products and customer. Flat catalog is enabled for merging both data into one table so mysql queries can respond quickly.
  • In eCommerce website images cover half of its page. By compressing image page load time can be decreased. As image will optimized it will be downloaded quickly.
  • Front end optimization can be done by merging JavaScript and CSS files. As a result it will reduce total no. of HTTP requests hence page loading will be quick.
  • Cleaning up Magento database and logs regularly.