market place shopping cart


Nowadays owning a business is not sufficient despite you require a market place. Our Magento expertise make it simple and easy by acquiring all possible ecommerce features to give your store a good market place. So you can sell your products easily and increase your value.

The standard marketplace website features are as follows:

Quite possibly Magento 2 is the future of your eCommerce store as it contains all the features that fits into your business requirements.
  • Your store must save user’s information securely. User data should be kept confidential.
  • Landing page should have customized different layouts for vendors and customers.
  • Your store should hook up with flexible payment integration method. As your store is online so you need to be able accept payments from customers.
  • Multiple vendors should have access to functionality to your store so they can share details of their product.
  • Both vendors and customers should be able to see reviews and ratings given to a particular product.