code auditing and review

Magento Audit – Magento Code Review

What is the Magento Code Audit Tool?

Not everyone knows how to build Magento sites in a way that is secure, able to be update easily, and that minimizes conflicts. The Magento Code Audit tool allows you to get a detailed, inside look at how your magento site was built.
Magento Code Audit tool allows you to quickly sevaluate the health of a Magento site.  It checks whether core Magento files have been changed, what third party extensions you have installed, your current version of Magento, and other server settings that affect the performance of your Magento site.
Not all Magento solutions companies will like to work on sites that other people or companies have built, but we would be happy to help you.
The audit is conducted by certified Magento developers with years of experience in Magento-based sites of all sizes and industries serving from around the globe.
If you are facing one or more of the following, then our technical audit is just the right service for your Magento store:
  • Slow site and facing problem in speeding up
  • Performance issues & site crashing
  • Theme not implemented correctly
  • Product or category listing issues
  • Problem in adding new features
  • Redirect problems
  • Caching issues

Code Auditing and Code Fixing

Magento code Auditing and Fixing

Areas  Covered  in  our  Magento  Technical  Audit:

  • We analyze the speed and performance of website.
  • Code and database is reviewed completely to make sure everything is fine.
  • The code and implementation of third party extension is analyzed.
  • Analysis of browser compatibility and site responsiveness.
  • Analysis of front end which covers magento theme checkup, css and js review
  • Analysis of backend which includes magento core integrity, security and patches.