For your eCommerce website Enterprise edition of Magento is best as it is all confined, however it has certain drawbacks. These can be healed by downgrading Magento enterprise to community edition. The community edition is cost effective and secure. We at Ecomsolver provide technical assistance with your website security and assures a smooth adaptation for your website functionality from enterprise to community.

Downgrading Enterprise to Community Version at Ecomsolver

Downgrading Magento is a complicated process which needs special technical knowledge and experience. We at Ecomsolver are downgrade experts and we can complete your Magento downgrade quickly, securely and with minimal downtime.

enterprise to community
  • If Enterprise Edition has left, that doesn’t mean that Magento has to be also. Magento’s open source Community Edition (CE) is completely free. CE is actually what EE is built on top of, with the exception of some more powerful aspects like customer segmentation and automated admin processes, CE and EE are virtually the same.

  • Downgrading from EE to CE is sometimes essential, but doesn’t mean that sacrifices have to be made. There are various successful CE extensions that imitate EE features. Many of which are paid extensions, but they directly affect the user experience and, ultimately, conversions.

  • If you need to downgrade your magento store from Enterprise Edition to Comprise Edition then Get in touch with Ecomsolver today!